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We analyze everything from transaction readiness, cash analysis, back office processes to employee compensation. Performing ROI calculations and setting performance metrics for each area.

Let me concentrate on what’s important. I am not getting to the bottom of my to do list.

Am I ready to go to the bank? Could I raise money in 90 days?  Can the Company stand up to diligence today?

What Risks am I missing? What is falling through the cracks? 

I don’t have time to manage my back office vendors.

I don’t need a consultant telling me what to do, I need   “do-ers”.

Sample Questions - How do I pay my Salespeople?  Should I use a PEO?  Do I have insurance if I get hacked? What are companies doing at my size?  Are variable costs better than fixed costs?  Do I have the right mix?

expert analysis

Our Advisory services

Our consultants' experience spans all industries, from manufacturing to service industries and more.  We can tell you what we are seeing in the market for companies similar in size and maturity.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and CFOs all are faced with managing a complex network of back office resources to support their core business.  Faced with the dilemma of hire internally or outsource.  How do you select the best experts and manage the coordination?  They turn to Staffleader for fractional executive leadership.


Project management and staying on plan is critical for smaller businesses.  We provide actionable focused plans and measure progress against milestones.

Staffleader will assess, connect and manage entire back office areas, including Accounting, HR, new business development, financial planning & analysis, cash management and transaction preparation.

Owners & executives are telling us

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Fractional Executive leadership

Owners and executive teams need to work more on the business than in it.  We meet regularly to discuss actions need to stay on course and achieve critical  objectives.